The 2015 #VSFashionShow Playlist Is Here!

fashion show music

I have absolutely no shame in saying how much I enjoy the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Zero percent shame. None. I’m more embarrassed at the fact that my idea of healthy eating is minimizing my visits to Chipotle to once a month. So just like that old person in your life that repeats the same stories to you every single time you see them, I will say yet again how it is the Victoria’s Secret brand that led me down its glittered hallway and into the auditorium best known to most as the fashion industry.

The confident women stomping down that runway! The strut-for-your-life soundtrack! The ever-evolving drama of it all!

vs fashion show music

What gay would dare turn their eyes away???

The time has come yet again for me to share with you my annual #VSFashionShow playlist. I am especially excited about this year’s compilation because I have gone as far back as the 70’s to find tunes that fit for this runway and have then grouped them by segments. Read below for a quick breakdown.

The Opening Segment

For the #VSFashionShow 2015 playlist, I’ve opted for synthpop crack in the form of MNDR’s blazing new track, “Kimono” to get things started. It’s sexmatic (sexy + dramatic) with a familiar vibe we were all treated to during Goldfrapp’s heyday.

The Other High Energy Segment

Remember Swedish House Mafia? Members Axwell & Ingrosso have branched out as a duo and are hitting your ears with Progressive Electro so hard. The way that “This Time” builds and drops serves as the perfect companion to a dynamic runway show meant to be televised.

The Sultry Segment

I’m taking you back to 2010 with N.E.R.D.’s “Hypnotize U” for the sultry section that turns up the danger and sex appeal. The hook and chorus to pint-sized Pia Mia’s “Touch” would help set the runway on fire if layered of the aforementioned N.E.R.D. beat. Ugh. The possibilities.

The Romantic Segment

And while there might be more than 40 years separating DNCE and Rodriguez’s music, something about “Jinx” and “I Think Of You” are respectively sweet enough to make the ultimate mash-up. I actually would just like to hear this happen no matter what.

The PINK Segment

Oh, Alessia Cara! She’s so young. So cool. So hip. Her youthful “Wild Things” and A Great Big World’s “Kaleidoscope” would serve as prime tracks for the PINK section. Bring these two songs together, increase the BPM to around 120 and hit the runway.

The Closer

What else would one want to hear as a gaggle of gorgeous models come storming down the runway? Years & Years, of course! Trust me. I’ve polled a ton of people (ie: myself) and Years & Years won time after time. “King” is fun, light and easy to move to which is exactly the type of track you need with that many women on one stage who are meant to dance in sync together.

Listen and subscribe to Thursday’s Journal’s official #VSFashionShow 2015 Spotify playlist below. It will literally have you owning the sidewalk in preparation for this ridiculously glitzy show airing Tuesday, December 08 at 10 PM EST on CBS!

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