Music to Get Through 2019 – Part Deux

summer 2019 playlist
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There is never a shortage of amazing music to be discovered. With the likes of streaming giants, YouTube, SoundCloud, and more, you really never have to worry about scraping the bottom of the barrel with new tunes to fall in love with.

However, Spotify could definitely use some hardcore editing when it comes to their New Music Friday playlist. Yeah, the music is new…but a lot of it is shit. They could easily leave off 10 – 12 tracks and no one would be sad because of it. Why? Because everyone loves a dope playlist. And that’s not just some hogwash personal opinion, either! I talked with three scientists, Oprah, and our Lord and Savior about this.

Everyone loves a dope playlist.

So, each quarter, I do what I can to build my own personal (and equally dope) playlists. I listen to a lot of garbage to suss out as many golden nuggets as I can. Sometimes, I get it wrong but it’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to, okay?

This quarter’s playlist, aptly titled 2019 – Part Deux, got off to an early start. I was quite over Q1 and absent-mindedly began adding tracks to Q2’s playlist in early March. I tried to stop myself but once that ball started rolling, it couldn’t be stopped! Here is my already robust guide to some of the best music you need in your life right now, tomorrow, next week, and for the next few months. There’s Myles Cameron, Nasty Cherry, Sara Bareilles (sang, girl!!!), and so many more.


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