Experience All Of Paris in 3.5 Minutes


Je t’aime Paris

My birthday is in just a couple of weeks but I’m not really too excited for it. It’ll be the final year of my 20s and then in 2016, I’ll be turning the big 3-0. No, I am not one of those people deathly afraid of growing older. I’ve seen how much I have grown in my 20s and am excited for continued growth.

PS: I’m at a point where I’m just like GTFO, 20s! I’ve begun to fantasize about my life at 32. Do not ask me why but that age holds a special place in my heart and I imagine I’ll be a bit more established in life by then. That’s the age where I’ll wake up one Saturday morning to realize that I’ve begun to happily nest in an apartment, picked up a dog and learned a few tricks in the kitchen. Yes, I’m excited for my 30s. Let’s see if we can find another gay in the room who feels the same.

The other reason I’m excited for 30? PARIS. I’ll be heading there for the first time on my 30th birthday to help kick off the next decade of my life. In my mind, I will also be able to find a lover who cannot live without me and decides to move to America for me all within the span of a few days.

One of the artifacts I will use to hold me over until my trip to the City of Light is this delectable hyperlapse video produced by Maxime Gaudet. As the title of this post states, Gaudet shows you around Paris in a little under three and a half minutes. Try to watch it all the way through first and then go back and pick apart the various locations filmed.

Paris in 3 Minutes – Hyperlapse Experimentation from Maxime Gaudet on Vimeo.

Gaudet used a Canon EOS 5D Mark III to film but what I found exciting was that he also used an iPhone 5S! There are a handful of shots where I think I’ve spotted the iPhone footage but none of it stands out like a sore thumb in a negative way.

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