So, my girlfriend comes to me one day asking for my help. Since I love her more than Adele’s 21 and Britney’s Femme Fatale combined, I agreed in a heartbeat to do whatever. Lisa, my girlfriend, is a stylist and says she wants to build her portfolio and needs to put me in a few outfits. No biggie in my book. It couldn’t be worse than the time I surprised her with tickets to the Spice Girls reunion concert and she caught the flu just before I was supposed to pick her up at her apartment. I caught her at a bar after I got back from the show but she told me her bartender friend Gary knew of a drink that got rid of flu symptoms. I’m surprised he can make a living as a bartender. He’s got such big, strong looking hands. Anyway, she pulls out some button downs and blazers for me to put on. Whatever. But then she gives me a skirt! I was all like “Just because you caught me wearing your bra and panties one time doesn’t mean anything!” She kept saying it didn’t mean anything except how I was in touch with my feminine side and comfortable with my sexuality.

I am comfortable, but I’d just rather keep some things private, ya know?

Model Taras Koltun in Wonderland photographed by Kevin Mackintosh and styled by Way Perry
Image source: The Fashionisto

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