It’s Mad Hot Outside

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Here’s what’s going on: it’s summertime in New York City, the heat is mad crazy and shit is getting serious. I don’t really want to talk about what happened earlier today but since you asked me “How are you” and I’m feeling in a particularly sharing mood, you’re gonna sit here and listen to just how I am.

I’m getting dressed for our date thinking “This is the first time we’ll be meeting” and “Hopefully OKCupid doesn’t let me down,” right? So, I figure I’d do it up with a blazer and matching trousers (but it’s not a suit) and a floral printed button-down to show you that I’m man enough to wear flowers. I step outside of my apartment building and immediately begin sweating. It was so hot I even unbuttoned my shirt while walking to the train station.

And you know how it gets when you go underground to wait for the train. The fucking temperature just shoots up another ten degrees so I decided to leave my shirt unbuttoned. I thought I’d get the chance to actually cool off on the train but of course the air conditioning was broken in the car I stepped into and it was so packed that I could barely move let alone try and switch to another car.

After getting off the train to walk over here, it didn’t feel right buttoning up again until I absolutely had to so that’s why I showed up just now with my shirt open, sweat dripping down my body. I’m sorry about this. What? You like it? For real? Wait, what? I mean…that is a bit forward but I guess it’s okay. You really just want to go back to your place? I don’t know. We just met. Oh, it’s only one avenue up? I mean…I’m down.

Zayd Atkinson (Red Model Management) shot by photographer Davian Lain

Image courtesy of Daily Male Models

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