Fictitious Fashion: Girl Overboard

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So, I moved into this great new apartment with my girlfriend, Ming. Can I just tell you that the interior decorator inside of me couldn’t  help but start screaming as soon as I saw how much space we would have?  Just the other day, I spotted the cutest parlour sofa at CB2 and couldn’t wait to tell Ming about it so I raced  home to share the great news of my furniture find only to open our front door to discover she’s painted every single wall pink. That will not match with my parlour sofa, let me tell you right now. To make matters worse, she won’t even talk to me about it because she can’t seem to keep from leaning outside our living room window. Apparently Ed Westwick from Gossip Girl lives on a lower level across the way and she can peak into his bedroom where he refuses to wear any clothes. She’s a Chuck-ing disaster, I’ll tell you that.
Ming Xi and Kendra Spears in the Diane von Furstenberg Spring 2011 campaign

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