Over the weekend, Mother Nature really let us have it by slapping the great city of New York with 26.8 inches of snow. To be honest, I thought the snow storm was great fun. The residents of Bedford-Stuyvesant ditched the hidden sidewalks in favor of the barely plowed streets which, as the sun began to set, truly gave the impression that one was an extra in a post-apocalyptic movie.

A fellow Brooklynite extended an invitation to come over for a drink which I accepted and immediately began pondering what on earth I would wear. Now, listen! I’m from Ohio. I know what it’s like to deal with snow and dress for cold weather although my parents would beg to differ.

“It’s not enough. How about another layer? What about gloves? Aren’t you cold?” I would hear from them time and time again.

What they failed to understand was that I dressed to create more of a visual. It wasn’t until I moved to New York City that I finally married the aforementioned idea of “creating a visual” with properly battling the cold. One winter of bone shattering cold was enough to get my ass in gear!

Even when faced with an almost record-breaking New York City blizzard, you don’t need twelve layers to stay warm. You just need the right layers. Read on for four items to keep your body heat without sacrificing one percent of style.


The first thing you want to have on hand is a wool coat as they are great insulators. Finding a wool-blend with less than 30% wool is very common these days which isn’t always a bad thing because you’ll most likely be able to find a stylish option at a decent price point. However, this Jack & Jones overcoat ($191.50) isn’t supremely painful in terms of cost and is 65% wool which is an awesome get.

Just remember: this coat will keep you looking stylish in a blizzard and normal winter days for years to come.


Something that always intrigues me is how the stylish set handles their scarves. How do they tie it? Do they let it hang long on either side? WHAT DO THEY DO? I’m in the process of perfecting the modern one-loop. For bone-chilling morning walks, grabbing a scarf, like this American Apparel unisex fisherman’s scarf ($36), and applying this scarf tying method gives you an incredible layer for your neck and added warmth for your torso.


When stomping through snow and ice-covered sidewalks, you want to feel secure with each step. There is an assortment of footwear totally capable of gripping testy surfaces but I tend to opt for a boot. Mentally, it makes me think I’ve suddenly become sturdier on my two feet. These Timberland Earthkeepers boots ($160) work for a handful of reasons: the brand name already comes equipped with a no-bullshit aura, they’ll actually give you some grip and will still look damn good with a great pair of denim.


The walk from my apartment to the nearest train station is at least three Britney Spears tracks which means my ears would suffer horribly in cold weather without being covered up. My main issue with earmuffs is that they fuck with me listening to my music and I just won’t stand for that. During the holidays, I picked up these Sony EXTRA BASS Bluetooth headphones ($199.99) in blue. Not only do they allow me to wirelessly maneuver through my Spotify playlists, they are actually keeping my ears warm. I’m. Not. Kidding. These are the PERFECT earmuffs.

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