I became obsessed with Scott Schuman‘s blog, The Sartorialist, a few years ago and it was because of him that I chose Blogger to start The Calvin Show. It is no secret that his profile has been immensely raised over the last few years from a section each month in GQ to publishing his very first coffee table book. Watch this short documentary featuring Mr. Schuman and a female subject who gives him a slightly cold shoulder when he initially asks to photograph her.

“Suck a fat one…” she was probably thinking at first. Now, the bish has wound up in a video that has been seen by close to 300K viewers.

I’m still waiting for my second shot at interviewing Scott. If you see this, Mr. Satorialist, please feel free to email me! We corresponded when I was nothing more than a college student so I’m hoping you can do so again now that I’m a “freelance fashion journalist” living in New York City.