The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Should Use THIS Music


This Playlist Is Way Better Than Yours

For years, I have been oddly fascinated with the Victoria’s Secret brand. No, I have never wanted to strut down a catwalk in lingerie although I did put on a fashion show my junior year of college with a runway covered in enough glitter to vajazzle a small nation.  It’s just that Victoria’s Secret has produced one of my favorite fashion presentations (the others belong to my darling Burberry and Robert Geller) that showcases the ultimate all stars in the modeling industry with music that demands you to dance along at home.

Besides the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, I have been equally intrigued by British culture, specifically British music. With the show taking place in London this year, I thought it the perfect opportunity for the brand to use their stage as a greater platform to highlight current British talent. Unfortunately, that is not the case especially when it comes to those performing.

I understand Taylor Swift being a performer because she’s currently the epitome of a pop star (and best friends with various VS models) but it is the other acts I’m not too sure of. Hozier? Irish but depressing. Ed Sheeran is British but doesn’t have the right energy. Ariana Grande is okay because she’s got stellar vocals but so does someone else included in this year’s playlist who is — you guessed it — British!

So, who do I have knocking around this year’s playlist?


Cheryl’s latest album might be a complete mess but “I Don’t Care” sounds as if it was designed with the intention of being considered for an occasion such as the VS Fashion Show.


that fashion dude music“Burnin’ Up (ft. 2 Chainz)” is a song which you might consider to be “a proper stomper” even if it only reached #73 on the official UK singles chart. That’s not saying anything negative about Jessie J or the track. The British public did let the greatest Pop girl group of all time, Girls Aloud, miss the #1 spot for most of the time they were on the scene. Blasphemy.


The super producer and pint-sized crooner have slapped Q4 silly with “Uptown Funk.” Considering it’s the perfect on-your-feet song, it makes sense for this show.


ariana grande music“All My Love,” Major Lazer and Grande’s contribution to The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 soundtrack, is a great song. Even if this is not the track she’ll perform, she’s about as fitting for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show as was her brother’s red carpet look for the American Music Awards.


little mix musicThey aren’t promoting any new material but Little Mix does have a very solid fan base in the US. “Move” is an unbelievably strong option for the Pink section. The track was even used in a VS commercial which led me to believe the girl group might have debuted new material on the show’s runway. I normally only use this phrase during conversations with friends after breaking up with yet another guy but…I was so wrong.


ella henderson musicElla is the aforementioned British act with the big voice. No, she does not have the sex appeal yet like Swift or Grande (the latter’s is still debatable) but she’s got upbeat music that sounds familiar enough to satisfy most consumers even though she doesn’t have the same level of name recognition.


Jennifer recently released the Lapse of Time EP (download it for free HERE) and the title track is a slice of Pop brilliance that would serve as a great mash up companion with any classic Kylie Minogue song. That’s a major compliment for Ms. Davies.

Anyway, we are headed into another year where Ed Razek and his team have not tapped me to curate the playlist for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show but that’s okay. There’s always next year.

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