If you are reading this, there is a very good chance that you like shopping more than watching football or debating what should happen to all of those homophobic church people that keep getting caught on Grindr. It is because of people like you that enjoy speaking the phrase “But it’s chambray!” that inspire me so much to get up each day and spend more than my fair share of time online browsing through just about every category of items on various e-commerce sites hoping to discover a gem worth sharing. Don’t worry, though! If sports is a big part of your daily conversation and you still know which button to leave unbuttoned on your suit jacket, you’ll enjoy this post just as much as the next.

No matter what you prefer, you’re a smart man so you have already figured out what’s going on based on this post’s title and sub-title. Websites such as Topman have sales all of the time which is really excellent for savvy, conscious consumers but they are so frequent that it’s not really worth talking about each and every time it happens. However, sometimes I find myself browsing through thinking “Oh, I’d like that! Well, that looks interesting. If this is in my size…I’M BUYING IT.” If I am able to scan through 147 items in under two minutes and spot five or so items I’d easily toss in my cart, I start to think how I’d like to share my wants with you all which inadvertently alerts you to the fact that there is a sale you might want to get in on.

If you’re into leather (in a for-the-daytime date and not in a for-the-dungeon date), get excited for a couple of great updates in the form of a jacket and loafers. There’s also the ever-popular denim shirt, a sweatshirt and some shorts. No, I’m not a huge fan of shorts but they called out to me partly because I feel like my thighs are thinner this summer than in previous years and I’m feeling adventurous.

What I found most humorous after looking at my list is that I imagine wearing most of the items chosen in the fall or winter months. Don’t get me wrong, a leather jacket is always chic but it’s not chic if you’ve got beads of sweating dancing across your face because of your outerwear. Now, put on Brandon Flowers’ new album, click through these Topman pieces and figure out which you’ll be adding into your own cart.

Black leather biker jacket ($196)

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