Wave Goodbye to Sleeping Well

It looks like the horror genre is having a little bit of a moment on the boob tube, no? Fox and MTV are reviving the slasher genre and despite my reservations with the latter network’s offering, it is still easy for me to say that I am glad people are getting back into this particular arena.
But what about on the silver screen? Where are the horror movies that will deliver this generation’s Scream Queen? Jennifer Love Hewitt, Neve Campbell and Sarah Michelle Gellar are on ships that have all sailed so we need fresh blood and we need it now! Oh, how I long for the days of PYTs being butchered by masked men (or women) after being chased around their neighborhood, university campus and/or cruise ship.
If we’re being honest, the scariest thing in recent cinematic history has been Adam Sandler’s decline to the point where he accepted a role in Pixels. Hollywood train wrecks aside, here are 8 scary films that you should get excited about. None are proper slasher flicks but they do present what I look for most: a good scream.

POD (August 28, 2015)

“Paranoia” is described as a baseless or excessive suspicion of the motives of others. This essentially describes about 80% of New York City’s adult population. In POD, Martin has apparently exhibited enough signs of true paranoia that his siblings Lyla and Ed have decided to execute an intervention but when they arrive at his place, they discover some super sinister shit instead. See? This is what happens when you don’t believe the “crazy” ramblings of the city dweller.

GOODNIGHT MOMMY (September 11, 2015)

The Double Mint twins. Tia and Tamera. Sweet Valley High. No matter how you frame it, identical twins are equally fascinating as they are fucking creepy. That was what immediately captured my attention with Goodnight Mommy: beautiful twin boys who you already know are going to get batshit before the end of the trailer. I was right. Well done to the Austrians on making what looks to be a spectacularly spooky tale of children learning to survive when they feel abandoned and threatened at home.

You thought that was it? No, no. There are plenty more screams where these first two trailers came from.


One of my favorite movie trailers in the last five years goes to Evil Dead due to its, at the time, fresh take on musicality that truly helped amp up the spook factor. Having worked on the creative marketing team for a television network, I know that you can create an exceptional trailer even if the actual program is utter shit. Evil Dead actually delivered on both a bad-ass trailer and a solid film. The Hive‘s trailer depicts a a group of teenagers under some type of sci-fi attack. A bit cheesy? Yes, but so was the original Evil Dead. Just wait until 20 years from now. The remake of The Hive is going to be AWESOME.

KNOCK KNOCK (October 09, 2015)

Back in May, I wrote about not having sex with strangers at your front door asking for help and I still stand by that little piece of advice. Is this film revolutionary? Not by a long shot. As I said in my original post about Knock Knock, this movie has a thin plot but will definitely provide some cheap screams and, as previously mentioned, features Keanu Reeves locked in a threesome with strangers at his front door.

THE WITCH (2016)

Is the witch an unknown force in the woods? Is it the pretty blonde girl who seemingly lost the baby? Is it the little boy because it sure as hell does look like that son of a bitch is possessed. It almost doesn’t matter to me who’s the witch in The Witch because the trailer is already making me consider taking my friend up on her offer to share her therapist’s information. That’s how mind fucky this The Village lookalike film comes across.


“My life is a fucking nightmare,” Amy Everson says in the beginning of Felt, a thriller written by Everson. She then goes on to discuss the objectification women suffer and raises the topic of sexual trauma which is something movie-goers just aren’t that familiar seeing on their screens. With her voiceover laced together with footage of Everson in jarring costumes that seem to give her a sense of strength, Felt‘s trailer is letting you know that it’s not here to fuck around. It’s here to share one girl’s experience with men that many others might find shockingly relatable. No, it isn’t a horror film per se but based on the trailer and clips I’ve seen, you will undoubtedly feel uncomfortable and probably a little rattled when the credits begin to roll. I don’t know about you but that is the best type of scary film one could possibly ask for.


Take a murdered family, the house they lived in and an unassuming group of people that inherit the evil left behind and you’ve got yourself a modern horror movie. Bret Easton Ellis popped into my mind because children being tortured to watch unspeakable acts is something pulled straight from his realm. That being said, I have no idea why his efforts in the world of cinema have been so bland. At least the producers of the Sinister series have taken a cue from his catalogue to deliver cringe-worthy flicks that will make us even more afraid of kids.


Producers always seem to regurgitate two plots when it comes to humanity: an apocalypse that wipes people out or focusing on the few that survived but then have to fight off zombies. Extinction is a little bit of both but nothing says refreshed like an ice cold take on the norm. Who doesn’t love watching people try to run for their lives over slippery patches of ice? You know you’re going to jump the hardest the minute someone unexpectedly bites it on an unseen circle of frozen liquid and crash down faster than a bowling pin after being struck with extreme force.

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