Top 5 Sneakers for the Summer

Let’s Get Right Shoe It

For a very long time, I stayed away from sneakers, trainers, plimsolls or whatever else you’d like to call them. Maybe it was because I wore nothing but the adidas Superstar shoes with the black stripes throughout high school? Once one pair of shoes began to break down, they would become my “mow-the-lawn” shoes. At one point, I had so many pairs crammed in my closet that I absentmindedly grabbed one proper shoe and one “mow-the-lawn” bastard on a foggy school day and slipping them on quickly to try and make the bus. I was mortified the entire day. Luckily for me, I went to a performing arts high school so I was able to keep my shoes off because I was “stretching my feet” or something ridiculous like that.

My style evolution is on a backwards trajectory (I’m trying to ditch my metropolitan soccer dad look but it’s just so damn comfortable) and I am finally at the stage of liking sneakers again. Last summer, I picked up a simple white pair from H&M on a whim. I was to have a date the following evening and I thought a sneaker would be appropriate. After that, I have to admit I didn’t wear them that much but over the last handful of months, I have added them into a heavier rotation. That is why I am officially wanting all sorts of options to choose from.

I’ve rounded up five options that I have my eye on. Some of them will definitely not be gracing my feet considering they cost almost as much as my rent but some of them are totally doable. Ah, let’s get shoe it, shall we?

Chuck Taylor sneaker

Converse’s Chuck Taylor All Star canvas high top ($55)

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