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Let’s talk about music, shall we? The commercial stuff that sells all over the world tends to come from the USA, the really fun stuff tends to come from the UK and the good stuff tends to come from Sweden. Don’t believe me? The Cardigans. Robyn. Tove Styrke. ABBA? Go ahead and add W&I to that list.

W&I - Swedish music duo - Calvin Walker - That Fashion Dude

W&I is a Swedish music duo comprised of film composers Ola Wilhelm, 29 years old, and Sandra Windahl, 26 years old, who got together at the end of 2011. Being based in Stockholm, there’s already some weird genius creativity flowing through their sinks so whenever they take a shower or drink from the tap, they just get inspiration. Scientists haven’t proved it but who cares. We don’t care about no scientists!

Anyway, W&I create grand, dreamy Indie-Electro tunes and this union has resulted in their self-titled debut EP, W&I. What song caught my attention? The group’s second single, “Dreamy Creature.” Watch below and then read about who has inspired this duo and where they prefer to shop.

THAT FASHION DUDE: In one word, describe W&I’s sound. Go!

W&I: Epic.

TFD: Who have been some of your musical inspirations?

W&I: M83, Sigur Rós, Beach House and the Drive soundtrack.

TFD: On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being the easiest and 10 being the hardest, where would you place the process of writing lyrics?

W&I: Oh, that depends on how much inspiration we get from the sounds that we first create. We find it more easy to write when the harmonies are in minor. I guess we have a thing for melancholia. But in general, I guess we would have to say 7. We are both more into describing our music with instrumental parts. Lyrics always come second.

TFD: How would you sum up your style?

W&I: Dreamy and somewhat mysterious. Musically we try to experiment with the contrasts of organic and electronic sounds. And also capture the influences from film music in to the pop music.

TFD: Where are some of your favorite shopping destinations?

W&I: The southern part of Stockholm with all the amazing second hand stores.

TFD: Which designer would you pick to create the costumes for your first world tour?

W&I: We love this Swedish up-and-coming designer, Diana Orving.

TFD: Sunrise or sunset?

W&I: Defenitely sunrise!

Are your ears wanting more? If so, check out more of W&I on their official YouTube channel or SoundCloud page.

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