These T-Shirts Cost $400

And All Of The Cool Kids Are Wearing It.

Here’s a fact: when you live in New York City, your idea of what is considered expensive gets altered. You start to think “$13 for a small coffee and a scone isn’t that bad. The coffee beans were organically engineered by blind goats in Brooklyn!” You think you’re doing alright in your studio apartment in Prospect Park for $1750 and then you get on the phone with a friend back home who lets you know she just signed a lease on a two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment for $900 and while you tell her how awesome that is, you say in your mind “Yeah, but I have a bodega two blocks down that serves everything bagels until every-hour-o’clock.”

When it comes to shopping, $400 can definitely take you far. Sort of. You could get a plethora of Converse sneakers, a handful of chic pieces from COS or one whole t-shirt from Hood By Air.

hood by airYes, that voice in your head is right. $400 is a ridiculous amount for a t-shirt. But, this one has a zipper! It has banded vinyl striping! It’s Hood By Air! IT’S FASHION, DARLING! I repeat: $400 for this is ridiculous.

I want one.

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