While George Washington’s famous “I cannot tell a lie” line is just a myth, I, in fact, can. I was almost tempted to say how excited I was for the new Spoon album, They Want My Soul, but why bother? In fact, I had no idea they released a new record and they have always been one of those bands that put out music that never fully catches my attention. I recognize their album covers more than any of their songs so I guess I should give kudos to whomever on their team handles art.

The Indie Rock band, best known in my mind for “I Turn My Camera On,” released their aforementioned 8th studio album this month and I fear it might be another fairly forgettable record. There is a track titled “I Just Don’t Understand” which sums up my review perfectly but let me be fair for just a moment. It’s not that the music is bad, it just feels formulaic which leaves me bored within a minute of listening to just about every track on the record.

After my initial run through of the album, “Knock Knock Knock,” “Inside Out” and “New York Kiss” are the only tracks with a bit of soul that makes them strong enough to be repeated. One day, Victoria’s Secret will tap me to help curate music for the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and with this year’s spectacle taking place in London, they are going to need a little Yankee pride being an American company. Spoon’s “New York Kiss” would work perfectly in a mashup for the PINK section.

You’re welcome, VS. That one was on the house.

Take a listen below to determine for yourself if Spoon has returned with a bang or has issued a “soul”less effort.

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