Girl, Look At That Body.

As degrading as this might sound, I prefer to see Sean O’Pry sans clothing. Don’t try to shame me, either. We both know that every time he peels out of his clothing, a lost puppy finds it way home.

Distressed pet owners will be pleased because Sean is flaunting more of his body in Penshoppe‘s Summer 2015 campaign. Penshoppe, who also snagged Cara Delevingne for their women’s collection, produces casual wear with a super basic vibe so they are quite lucky to have a powerhouse model help expensify (New word. Get used to it.) their brand.

Sean O'Pry Sean O'Pry Sean O'Pry

Click HERE for the full campaign

The video component of this ad campaign is such sweet corn that I’m going to go brush my teeth in fear of getting a cavity. From the music selection to the sounds of a camera snapping, it makes me feel skeevy. The only upside is, of course, seeing O’Pry in action.