Last month, I blogged about needing to sit down with Saturday, Monday to get some answers about who they are…and it totally happened. Well, it took place via email since Saturday, Monday is based in Sweden and I in New York City. Either way, That Fashion Dude got the answers he was looking for and I am super pumped to be sharing this with you as it is the first interview with this exciting new music act!

So, just who is​ Saturday, Monday? It's a 24 year old from the southern suburbs of Stockholm who likes music, film, art, clubs, girls, usually has very little money and is legally known as Ludvig Parment. When asked to describe the sound of his music, Parment told me it's under-produced, cinematic and hooky.

"Genre wise, I guess it's a blend of Pop, Electro, Post-Dubstep, Future Garage, Kuduru, Soul and Hip-Hop," Parment says.

Parment was living the life of a party promoter and was also a resident DJ alongside his friend, DJ Brökish. While DJing, they would play the likes of five hour sets of hard Electro, Techno and Dubstep. At the same time, they were only producing tracks with the same sounds. Like any artist doing the exact same thing for a period of time, Parment got fed up. He felt like he "had to play and make a certain kind of music" despite having a plethora of ideas that he really liked but simply didn't fit with what he was doing at the time.

OK, fuck it. I'll just do whatever I feel like and see how it works," Parment said. 

That, my lovelies, is how Saturday, Monday was born. And if he had to pick an end goal for this project, it would simply being able to do work he's excited about for the rest of his life.

Naturally, Parment gets a lot of questions about the name "Saturday, Monday" but thinks it will seem less strange as more songs are released. It's not even because Saturday and Monday are his favorite days! He says Fridays "are usually okay." ​Fridays? BLASPHEMY

What isn't blasphemous is his creative process. It's balls-to-the-wall interesting. He comes up with a name or a sentence based on events in his life, starts playing on the keyboard or piano and then records those sounds onto a computer. After that, he produces half of the song in a few days but abandons it for "a ridiculous amount of time before" he finishes the track.

Parment and I were able to discuss "Headshake (ft. Julia Spada)" aka One Of the Best Songs You'll Hear This Year Period but he didn't mention how long this track took him to complete. However, Parment did go into the origins of the collaboration! He tells me he and Brökish had done remixes for Julia's band, O'Spada, in the past and knew straight away that he needed to make a song with the Saturday, Monday project. He also told me that we can expect more music from them as well. I'm obsessed with "Headshake" so I am beyond excited to hear what shakes out next. Shakes! Like "Headshake." Get it? Oh, never mind. 

Saturday, Monday does​ plan to release a full length LP in early 2013 with the current working title of ​The Road and the Ocean and the End​. Just like his music, the that title is without a doubt cinmeatic. There will be a few more singles before the album's release, Parment says, but he isn't interested in having Saturday, Monday put out a "singles compilation." He states there will be quite a few weirder, darker songs, instrumental tracks and other interesting vocals. Jay-Z better watch that throne because he's even considering adding a rapper or two.

While we wait for those tracks to drop, let's just enjoy what Saturday, Monday has already given us. Top notch and perfect to put on repeat. Take a listen below but first I've got one more question. What's more exciting: creating music or getting a positive response?

It's very exciting to get positive reactions, of course, but I'm always making my music on the basis of what I like with very little or no compromise rather than trying to please other people. On the other hand when people actually like the tracks, despite that, I get REALLY excited," Parment says.

​Good. Music. Make sure you click over and like the Saturday, Monday Facebook page to stay up-to-date!

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