Robert Geller Delivers Comfort for Spring 2016


Today officially kicked off the first ever New York Fashion Week: Men’s season Skylight Clarkson Sq and I naturally thought that I would miss out on it due to the fact that I no longer work at a men’s fashion magazine. However, I legitimately scored an invitation to the Robert Geller Spring/Summer 2016 show which was enough to make my day.

For S/S 2016, Geller paid homage to the summer’s he experienced during his childhood with a collection inspired by the wind, water and “billowing sails.” The color palette was soft with blue grey’s, greens and various neutrals. Sometimes, the model looked as if he had just come in from a rain storm like with a navy linen jumpsuit. Thick knit cummerbunds showed up to play which gave an Asian-infused vibe that matched perfectly with sandals and accessories from two Japanese brands.

As I stood in the third row (go ahead and turn your noses up, fashion snobs), I saw a collection for three different moments in a man’s life. There were clothes for the delicate guy who enjoys tailored yet thin, soft fabrics. Another is the guy who laughs at the idea of “business casual” but still looks like a boss. Enter the billowing trousers and oversized coats stolen straight from my dreams. The final dude is just that. A dude. He’s getting dressed for the conditions outside and not afraid to get a little funky with crinkled pieces made from a memory nylon.

No matter where the bottle lands after you spin it, you’re going to find a man at the center of a lifestyle matrix that appeals to many today and will continue to do so for years to come. The collection might have been inspired by Geller’s childhood but hot damn did he do a marvelous job of bringing those memories into the present. That is what attracts me to Robert Geller’s work: his natural ability to keep things current and moving them forward. He’s a true talent and it will always be an honor to get to attend his shows no matter what row I’m stuck in.

PS: James Smith opened the show and Benjamin Jarvis damn near caused me to rush the stage. Too. Beautiful.

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