Sometimes, New York City just sweeps you off your feet. Other times, she knocks you on your ass. Either way, she never apologize. As an intern, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect from this great city. To be honest, all I knew was what I saw in Sex and the CityUgly Betty, and, of course, The Devil Wears Prada.

After that internship, I moved back full-time and stayed for 8 years. Looking back now, that 24-year-old boy who arrived in Astoria, Queens with no job and no money wasn’t mentally prepared for what was to come.

And what came, you ask? Well…everything!

And after 8 years, I needed a change. It’s why I made the decision to relocate to Chicago! But before I waved goodbye to the city that made me into the smart, sharp, driven man I am today, I took some time to visit one of my favorite neighborhoods, Greenwich Village, to photograph some of the many spots I immediately associate with my love, and frustrations, with New York City. 

As I type up this post, I have had almost a full year away from New York City. Quite a bit has changed! I feel healthier, more balanced, and truly capable of tackling whatever comes my way. And wouldn’t you know it, but I’ve also realized that New York is home. So, as my lease here in Chicago comes to an end, I have decided not to renew. That’s right. I will be making the trek back to the East Coast and officially planting my roots where I know they belong.

New York, you’re a sneaky trick, aren’t you?

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