Last week, I shared the “Buckingham Palace FAIL!” video which is a snapshot of my recent trip to London and now I’m following things up with “Paris, I Love You!”. If the title isn’t a dead giveaway, let me be a good buddy and clarify for you.


For the first couple of years that I lived in New York City, my birthday was never a fun day. I was dating the ultimate jackass who always ruined whatever I had planned. The year after I finally cut ties with him, I planned a birthday brunch but had people dropping out even as I stood in the restaurant lobby waiting to be seated!

It was at this slightly depressing brunch that I decided I wanted to enjoy the next “big” birthday which would be my 30th. Before the check was even paid, I mentally selected Paris.

Over the next year or so, I would casually mention the idea and I think most people thought I was just bullshitting…but that’s not how I operate. If I say I will do something or that I want something, I go after it until it’s mine.

I wanted Paris for my 30th birthday and goddamn it, that’s what I got.

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