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Every Christmas, my Uncle Thomas would somehow find a way to include a little bottle of Old Spice cologne with the gift he gave me. At 7-years-old, I would gag because I most certainly did not want to wear cologne. As I got older, I would gag at the cologne because my dad used Old Spice and who wants to be use the same products as their old man?

I’m not sure how it happened but I actually started using Old Spice deodorant and have become a loyal consumer. It wasn’t long ago before I was contacted to see if I was interested in doing a post about Old Spice’s selection of bar soaps. I’ll be the first to admit that I have become accustomed to using gel body washes so to temporarily switch back to a bar soap would be a trip to the past that I wasn’t sure I was ready to revisit. Long story short, I did and despite this being a sponsored post, I’m actually really excited to #SmellItForward and do this product review for a company with 75 years of history in the male grooming realm.

So what was in my goodie basket from the Old Spice crew? A 6-pack of the Pure Sport, Swagger and Fiji.

Even with reservations about bar soaps, the moment I popped open the little box of Fiji, I knew things would be okay. Its scent has a few layers that are a bit tropical yet familiar. After a day or so of use, I switched almost begrudgingly to Swagger. Why was I reluctant? Because 95% of me hates the word “swagger.” To my surprise, it was this bar that delighted me the most (sorry, Pure Sport. I’ll get to you in a moment.)! I stood in my shower stream of warm, cold, scolding hot, warm water (gotta love old buildings and landlords who refuse to make upgrades!), I slowly lathered myself with Swagger and really took in its smell that reminded me of fresh laundry. The next morning when I walked into the bathroom, I was greeted by Swagger’s scent and actually helped me wake up and get ready a bit easier for the day.

Here’s a tip for all of you fashion dudes out there: it is okay to smell like fresh laundry. This is preferred over smelling as if you did a few laps in an Olympic size swimming pool of CREED’s Aventus. Don’t get me wrong!

After my shocking love affair with Swagger, I tried Pure Sport and was reminded of what a traditional bar of soap smells like: clean, fresh and not overpowering. Clearly, and I kinda don’t want to admit this, Swagger is one of the stronger options Old Spice has. Its smell was attractive and memorable and I actually wished it had a bit more of a moisturizing component. I use cologne every now and then but it would be great to have the bar soap cleanse and moisturize so its enticing scent could stay with me a little bit longer throughout the day.

So, is my first option to reach for a bar of soap when I’m out shopping for my bathroom necessities? No, but for the price ($3.99 for a 6-pack, $1.79 for a 2-pack) Old Spice is selling their product for, it just might be time to reconsider. Maybe this is how they’ve remained the #1 selling antiperspirant/deodorant stick and body wash brand with dudes for so long.

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