This Preview Proves Fall 2014 Is Going to Be Hot

“Uh…yeah. I’ll have a sunny afternoon with a few orders of the fairly cool temperatures? Yeah. And just a coffee. Skim milk on the side, please?” While we are still in the thick of it, this summer has surprisingly been bearable and has not slapped us down too harshly. An average morning in the office still consists of me dashing off to the bathroom immediately after arriving so I can pat the sweat off of my body with harsh paper towels but the level of uncomfortable moistness has been mild. Last year, you would have thought there was always a rain cloud hovering above me the way I would come in drenched.

We undoubtedly have a few steamy days ahead of us still but that doesn’t mean we can’t flip the page of our sartorial menus to preview what we’ll be donning come fall. August’s The Monthly Essentials is stocked with pieces that you can mix-and-match with little to no thought which, if you’re like me, can be a godsend at times. It takes a lot of energy to Olivia Pope the shit out of my closet every day.

So, from the simple 3/4 tee from BooHoo to the straight leg Dad jean (GOD, I gotta get my hands on a pair of these) from H&M, I’ve got something for everyone. The super sexy price points help make these must-have items, too, so get that debit card out. Ready, set, preview!

A white tee easily straddles the line of basic and balling. If thought of in the most simplistic way, a white tee is something you toss on underneath a woven. When fully considered, a white tee can be the leading man in your outfit. BooHoo, with their freakishly inexpensive prices, provides the perfect v-neck t-shirt that can serve as the starting point for a wide range of ensemble assemblies. Don’t believe me? Kanye West just did it on them while on GQ‘s August 2014 cover. Not basic.

Over the years, I have discovered I’m the dude that will try to roll or push the sleeves up on just about anything. It’s not that I have a fear of having my forearms covered or am in possession of any interesting tattoos to display. I just enjoy pushing my sleeves up! I thought testing out short sleeve wovens might curb this desire but I’ll do one or two rolls still. French Connection‘s linen shirt in a military olive is casual enough for a quick cuff roll and could work tucked in with a pair of fitted chinos or denim.

New York City is full of men that stroll the streets in outfits that look absolutely effortless and positively stylish. When the cold weather begins to nip at our heels, I notice these same men pulling out and putting on their down vests. Each passing season as I have grown more comfortable in my skin (ie: I have cut down the amount of time it takes me to get dressed drastically since first moving to the city) and feel strong enough to take one out for a spin. Uniqlo is my go-to as they have a supreme selection of colors in shades that render this vest super versatile.

COS, or Collection of Style, is a brand under the H&M Group that launched in 2007 and has made its way to the States after almost a decade of being exclusively overseas. The design team, whomever they are, clearly believes in weaving together pieces that are simple to the eye but creates a bold and sophisticated look. Case in point? This contrast panel jumper. It’s got the jersey panel in front with “fleecy” sleeves and underside. In public relations, you are taught to K.I.S.S. (keep it simple, stupid) and this proves that simple doesn’t always equate to a snooze fest.

One quick search through That Fashion Dude’s history and you will see that I am a hardcore devotee to COS’s big brother, H&M. Of the moment, fairly affordable and the shockingly surprise find for some stupid price like this straight leg jean for less than an issue of Hello Mr. This jean has a few different washes (I already own a pair in black) but this particular blue gives it a throwback feel to the 90’s. As long as they fits your body and you have the appropriate shoe, these dad jeans are perfect for just about any scenario minus a wedding and/or funeral.

That brings me to the most expensive item on the list: Billy Reid’s Indianola chukka boot. This magnificent piece of footwear has a two-eye design and a stacked heel that you will enjoy if you desire to have a tiny boost in height. It’s okay, by the way, to shudder at the price. It took me some time to get acclimated with the idea of spending over $100 on anything that wasn’t “important” like bills or…numerous pairs of cheap shoes. A gifted pair of high end shoes shifted my way of thinking and now I almost don’t flinch if a shoe’s price creeps above two digits. It also teaches me to take care of the shoe just a bit better to get more bang for your buck and that’s just what I intend to do with these Billy’s. Yes. I’m ordering them.

  • House of Lies Soundtrack

That sums it up for our Fall 2014 preview but feel free to shop and wear these pieces NOW. Most things in fashion aren’t contingent on seasons anymore anyway. Happy shopping!

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