As I dealt with a lukewarm hangover this past weekend, I had the sudden desire to buy a jacket that I could wear from the moment it was in my hands all the way through the end of spring. In New York City, the weather has been behaving similar to a yoyo which is precisely why the Backstreet Boy’s “Quit Playing Games (With My Heart)” has been bleeding from my computer speakers each morning as I get ready for work. The current outdoor elements are a huge driving factor in wanting to get a jacket and it’s one of the reasons why it hasn’t taken a front seat for this edition of The Monthly Essentials.

A superaddition to the former apparel category is the loud-and-proud graphic tee representing a particular city. In my case, I have to rep New York, the concrete jungle that inspires me, annoys me and ultimately makes me feel a little more confident with each passing day. New York, you might be a bitch but good god do you know how to be one with a killer smile. What isn’t unpleasant are the prices for each of

This H&M car coat ($129), which I just purchased online and will Instagram ASAP, is just what the doctor ordered. It’s unlined and lightweight with two shades of beige which were the big draws for me. When I came across it on H&M’s site, I thought how perfect it was for this post and with it being at a fairly reasonable price, I knew it had to be mine. Seriously, I cannot wait to test drive this baby this season.

If you’ve ever wanted to take a leap of faith in relation to what you put on your back, this Rains long jacket ($167.44) is what will firmly push you over the edge. Its bold in its shade of orange but subtle in design with side slant pockets and a drawstring hood.

He gave us brilliant one-liners on Project Runway for years but I feel like the general public forgets that Michael Kors is an American sportswear brand that dominates the market. Case in point: this Michael Michael Kors raincoat ($87.99) comes to the party with a notched lapel that you can pop up for a dash of drama.

Let us progress into the New York City graphic tees but let’s ease into it with the very simple Saturdays NY Stack tee ($40). It comes in white and navy but opt for the bolder yellow option, pair it with a medium wash denim jacket, some chinos and a clean sneaker for that perfectly at ease spring look.

Next on the list is the Pull & Bear graphic tee ($21.75) because it does exactly what we need a New York City tee to do: features the name and features the Flatiron Building. Go for the retro look (retro as in 2005) and layer this underneath an unbuttoned woven, roll the sleeves up and off you go!

The final tee on the list belongs to ASOS! Are you surprised? Their Distorted New York tee ($22.58) reminds me of the Romantic/Fantasy film, Upside Down, with its trippy warped print. Truth be told, trippy and warped is exactly how this city can make a person feel at any given time but it’s comforting to know that while most of us lose our minds, we look good.

Esser, a British band who has practically fallen off the face of the map, is by far one of the more entertaining albums I’ve been listening to as of lately and it was released way back in 2009. I’m definitely late to the party but am so glad I showed up. The sound is a little splash of The Streets meets Beck.

Listen To: I Love You, Bones and Headlock 

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