Q1 Cannot Get Here Fast Enough

Okay, can we go ahead and address the elephant in the room? Mikky Ekko, born John Stephen Sudduth, and I have been in a relationship for the last two years where I have emotionally supported him as he fought to make his dreams of becoming a hot shot musician come true. I went to see him in concert (technically, I bought Jessie Ware tickets and he just so happened to be the opening act), I added him to just about every Spotify playlist I created even if he didn’t fit the playlist’s theme and I watched his music videos. Oh, how I watched his music videos. But why wouldn’t I do these things for him? I love this man and with the release of his debut album, Time, on January 20, 2015, the world will love him, too.

Many might recognize his voice courtesy of “Stay,” his duet with Rihanna which he also co-wrote. After hearing “Stay,” I immediately sought out more of Mikky’s music but I was aghast to find that he had not released much prior to the duet. There was, however, “Pull Me Down” which is a song I played more than I should have during an on-again-off-again relationship (I barely loved you anyway, Evan). In regards to building a strong Pop career, the next few songs he released were about as helpful as an ashtray is useful on a motorcycle but I have not given up hope. However, Time will be considered an elixir of life and all will be right in the world. Trust me. I have no doubts whatsoever.

1. Watch Me Rise
2. Smile
3. Love You Crazy
4. U
5. Time
6. Riot
7. Mourning Doves
8. Burning Doves
9. Comatose
10. Pull Me Down
11. Made of Light
12. Loner

Now, the only thing that would make Q1 even better is if Rihanna Beyonce’d us with a brand new album. Come on, queen of accents. Do us a solid.

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