Men’s Fashion Week | Corneliani F/W 2014

Once upon a blue moon, I blogged about the Corneliani Spring/Summer 2012 collection and said how “in about ten years, I think I might be ready to wear” the collection as it felt overly sophisticated. As it would appear, it actually only took me about three years to better appreciate the brand’s sophistication and to find the strong desire to wear their garbs.

The Corneliani Fall/Winter 2014 collection tells the tale of a youthful gentleman coming to a close of one era (ie: the extreme pettiness that can come with your early 20s) and chewing on a few morsels for thought as he prepares to embark on another life chapter (ie: realizing he’s an adult and is actually excited to check off another year). There was a combination of traditionally clean and sophisticated pieces that would suit any office space but

The true gems of the collection were the outerwear pieces and it’s becoming very obvious to me that one of the reasons why I love Fall and Spring so much is because it’s the perfect weather for one fetching coat. Yes, I have the largest boner for outerwear pieces and I will not apologize if that makes you uncomfortable. For Fall, Corneliani couldn’t choose just one style as there was a long tartan situation in addition to a just-below-the-waist concoction, a mid-thigh zipper superstar and then some.

Calvin-Walker-fashion-blogger-That-fashion-dude-corneliani Calvin-Walker-fashion-blogger-That-fashion-dude-corneliani-2Long story short? Corneliani’s Fall/Winter 2014 collection is like devil’s music mixed with a heaping serving of savoir faire. Yes, this is what any fashion dude should aspire to look like on any given day.

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