Last month, I had this desire to take to the streets of New York City with a male model doing what he does best in front of my camera lens. But what would he wear? Where would we go? I’m not even kidding but I woke up one morning with the idea. I wanted to literally take my model on a small adventure so that he was seen by the public but didn’t necessarily crave their attention. Thus, the “I See You” editorial concept was born. After a handful of conversations with some modeling agencies and a clothing brand and some inspired borrowing from retailers (judge me not), all began to solidify. That’s right! I played casting director, production coordinator, stylist and, most exciting of all, photographer.

In “I See You,” Juan Barbarich of ADAM Models is my heartbreaking leading man, finds himself  grabbing a cup of coffee at Devoción in Williamsburg but he quickly notices that people keep stealing glances at him. Initially, he tells himself that it’s all in his head but then a push notification from TMZ comes in on his phone and his stomach drops. Photos have surfaced of him with an of-the-moment reality TV personality in a nightclub and the two can be seen getting “well acquainted” in what they thought was a private booth. He’s been seen on the red carpet with a new Pop music diva so this definitely doesn’t look good for him. As he looks up from his phone, our heartbreaker locks eyes with a girl who has the smallest grin on her face.

Yes, America, it is time for Juan to go.

After he leaves the coffee shop and tries to make his way home, he can’t help but notice the attention he’s suddenly receiving and, if he didn’t know better, there was someone following him trying to snap a photo.

Such is the life of an up-and-coming playboy, no?

For this shoot, I used a Canon T2i with a 24-70mm lens. Special thanks to DL 1961 and, again, ADAM Models.

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