Look of Luxe | Second Date Digs

Chilly weather be damned, you’ve got yourself a second date with someone awesome. Or at least you think they’re awesome. Granted, they were well enough to schedule a second date or maybe they were a tad boring but you saw the smallest hint of hope and want to give them a shot to redeem themselves. Either way, you’ve got a second date and this causes for a serious sit down in your walk-in closet (wait, you have one of those, right?).

In my opinion, first date outfits are fairly easy to pick out because you’re choosing pieces to express who you are without sharing too much about yourself. It’s the second date outfits where I think it gets a little trickier but it’s also when you can have a lot more fun. You want to seem consistent, reliable yet continue pushing their perceptions about who you might be through a visual representation. My suggestion? Pull out the weird printed sweater, tug on those skinny jeans cuffed over some in-your-face boots and top it all off with a statement making coat. That way, the moment your date sees you, their mouth drops, their heart beat quickens and they have a quick flash of you two walking down the aisle together.


1. Marc by Marc Jacobs Sam stripe sweater coat ($481.60)

2. Christopher Kane black netting face embroidered crew-neck ($1,095)

3. Saint Laurent stonewash jeans ($518.47)

4. Versace Medusa western boots ($1,185.75)

Calvin is a Brooklyn-based content strategist currently working on a manuscript. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram (@mrcalvinwalker).

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