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Fashion week, as well all know, is a marathon like no other. If you’re still green enough (and not in an eco type of way) to think that fashion “week” falls within seven days, I banish you to Russia where you shall wear nothing but mink ushanka hats, gaudy logo covered designs and boots with the fur. Yeah, it’s not such a pretty picture, is it? But if you know better, or just have the common sense to go with the flow, you know that fashion “weeks” is most taxing once the second week kicks in.

I, for one, love it all to bits but there is just so much that it’s hard for little old me to post about everything I see. Hey, I have a 9 to 5 working for the man (the TV network man at that) so you’re just going to have to cut me the smallest slice of “We give you a pass” pie. Sympathetic treats aside, I did want to publish this Look of Luxe post which, as you might have guessed, is all about fashion week attire!

As a lover of clothing, the breathing mannequins that show them on the runway and everything else that comes with it, I still get a warm feeling on the inside when I bring forth the memories of the numerous fashion seasons I have worked and attended as a — gasp — invited guest. For about three years, I have gone into shows to cover the backstage area, to stand in the press pit or to — gasp again — sit front row and this Look of Luxe post takes a look at a handful of pieces I would love to wear at some point during my fashion week escapades.


1. A.P.C. single breasted coat ($562.68)

2. Kenzo cotton intarsia knit sweater ($620)

3. David Yurman maritime anchor amulet on chain necklace ($550)

4. Saint Laurent sparkly short jodhpur boot ($895)

5. DSQUARED2 sand washed biker jeans ($570)

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