Just when you think you’ve got things figured out, someone goes and throws a Japanese-inspired curveball your way and fucks with “the plan.” That curveball comes courtesy of (very handsome) Loewe designer Jonathan Anderson. Fashionista reports how the brand has released a preview of its Spring/Summer 2016 advertising campaign four days before the runway show takes place and approximately six months before brands typically begin unveiling their S/S campaigns.

The first hints at the actual collection, the second being of photographer Steven Meisel and the last of optical options.

Lackluster ad campaign? I’m leaning towards “yes” in terms of my response. It does pique my interest in the upcoming collection which seems to be a hard shift from the palazzo pants and funky prints we saw for Fall/Winter 2015. Even still, I have to wonder if this will plant the seed in the minds of other brand executives that releasing shooting, editing and releasing campaign images further out is the way to go.

Hopefully this is just a one-off as things in fashion these days already feel disconnected, detached and out of place with seasons bleeding into one another with a show here, a campaign there and celebrities wearing everything in no particular seasonal order.

Ay dios.

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