As Iggy Azalea once said, “You should want a bad bitch like this” and she was clearly talking about Lara Stone. The Dutch bombshell took some time away from Calvin Klein but now she’s back. I remember running into her on set for the F/W 2012 campaign thinking how she seemed slightly awkward in person. Somehow, I still found myself picking my jaw up from the floor when I saw the finished campaign. That woman, with all of her Bardot appeal, is pure magic in front of a camera.

This time around, Stone poses with Matthew Terry to create more bewitching images captured by photography team Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott. Flipping through a magazine, it was actually a shot of Matthew tugging his Calvin’s down that made me pause as I stood on a crowded 4 Express train surrounded by strangers. Finally, I turned the page and there he is with Lara stretched out. I can’t help but stare again and I start wondering if the slightly older woman next to me who’s giving me glances thinks I’m some sort of pervert. No, lady. I just like Calvin Klein!

Why? Because their various brand campaigns can bring a level sexiness (who could forget Christy Turlington’s magnificent return to billboards with that body last year?) and this is yet another successful example for them to add to the fold.

calvin klein ad
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