Carrie Underwood might be the richest American Idol alum but Kelly Clarkson is still the motherfucking best. This Southern powerhouse vocalist released her seventh studio album, Piece By Piece,  last week and it is easily one of her best to date. Like many pop stars, she lost her way (I’m looking at you, My December) but she slowly returned to good form two albums later with Stronger and let me know she wasn’t quite ready to toss in the towel. Upon the release of “Heartbeat Song,” the lead single from PbP, I feared the pendulum had begun to swing back towards the unflattering side of the picture because, let’s face it, that song is god awful unless you’re listening to the Skrux remix.

Even still, it definitely isn’t one of her better singles. It’s not even Top 10. Wait a second. How many singles has Clarkson even released? In her 13 year career, she’s put out 31 singles but I’m not counting a handful due to them being re-released as a duet or are from a Christmas album that I choose to ignore. Ignore-ation aside, she’s got a hefty catalogue of singles to listen to and after careful deliberation (read: hastily “arranging” her discography in a Pages document after consuming two cocktails), I do declare that I have successfully crowned Kelly Clarkson’s best single EVER. Read on to find out which tune takes the cake.

30. Tie It Up

29. Don’t Rush (ft. Some Country Artist)

28. People Like Us

27. Don’t Waste Your Time

26. I Do Not Hook Up

25. Heartbeat Song (See?! Just awful.)

24. The Trouble With Love Is

23. Don’t You Wanna Stay (ft. Jason Aldean)

22. All I Ever Wanted

21. Take You High**

20. Catch My Breath

19. One Minute

18. A Moment Like This/Before Your Love

17. My Life Would Suck Without You

16. Dark Side

15. Invincible

14. Miss Independent

13. Cry

12. Sober

11. Never Again

10. Behind These Hazel Eyes

9. Already Gone

8. Low

7. Breakaway

6. Run Run Run (ft. John Legend)**

5. Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)

4. Walk Away

3. Because Of You

2. Mr. Know It All

#1 – Since U Been Gone

** Piece By Piece album tracks that should serve as singles

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