When Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson hit the scene with “I Kissed A Girl,” the world was shook. For years, she slapped us with brilliant Pop music and became one of the best popstars of this generation. Don’t believe me? Take a listen to the very underrated “If We Ever Meet Again (with Timbaland),” every single song from the Teenage Dream era and “Dark Horse” before opening your mouth about her status as a pop princess.

Here’s another reality: Katy Perry has lost a lot of her shine. It’s unfortunate to witness (see what I did there? Her upcoming album is titled Witness and what did just now was a play on that! Because I’m CLEVER.) but luckily she’s been saved by choreographerKyle Hanagami. This lord of the dance took her latest single “Bon Appétit” and made it worth listening to on repeat as I relive his choreography in our minds.

Side note: I have such a love for Stevie Doré (middle dancer of group 1) and Sean Lew (middle dancer of group 2). They slayed-murdered Hanagami’s moves. Stevie, who serves young Jennifer Love-Hewitt realness, crushes every piece of choreo her body takes on. No matter if Stevie is in a group or dancing solo, you just can’t take your eyes off of her. Despite the fact that I am no longer a part of the dance community, I still envy how effortless things come to her.

Anyway, I hope Katy Perry is saying merci to Hanagami because he basically just saved “Bon Appétit.”

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