Idris Elba Covers Details September 2014 Issue


Idris Elba is a fantastic actor with the skills to play many characters with stories that touch our hearts. It’s almost as if we are watching a computerized being the way he so seamlessly morphs into different individuals on the screen. Ugh. Okay. Done with all of that. We all know Elba is fantastic but he rose to a different level over the weekend when he was photographed filming his new movie, A Hundred Streets, with a massive schlong pressing itself against his trouser. Elba himself cleared up the mystery by tweeting it was just a mic wire but fans, men and women alike, still want to hop on that D.

Another reason to “drop your panties” because of Elba? His Details September 2014 cover.

Idris Elba bulge

Some commenters on TheFashionSpot‘s board aren’t too happy. “Who approved that face?” one idiotic fool said. Another notes “Idris looks a little old in the face there.” and to that I say SHUT THEE FUCK. Idris Elba is a seasoned actor with a few wrinkles to prove it and the powers that be at Details clearly wanted a more “rugged” look for this issue.

He’s actually pulled off a very strong image. Doesn’t he look just like a sea captain who sleeps naked and had to grab the first few things his hands could grip and slip on as he runs up to the deck to address an emergency? Yes, I quite think he does. Well done, Idris Elba. Well done.

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