Last September, I fulfilled a lifelong (read: year long) dream of traveling to Iceland! Technically, it was my third time on Icelandic soil but the first two times don’t really count. You see, when I went to London and Paris for my birthday in 2016, I had layovers in Reykjavik. They were only an hour so I just hung out in the airport. Now do you see why I say the first two times don’t count?

This past September, however, was a completely different story. Oh, man. I went with my bess frannn, Brandon, for four days. Four. Days. 👀

We spent the majority of our time in southern Iceland. There, we were consistently greeted by wind and rain. It was irritating to never have the opportunity to calmly stand in the beauty that surrounded us but I really can’t complain. Those four days were full of adventure and new experiences. We sampled some fantastic local beer made with glacier water and herbs, almost died on a rinky-dink boat expedition and even got stuck in a ditch thanks to someone’s stellar driving (I’m talking about Brandon).

It was colder than I expected but I filmed as much as I could without losing all feeling in my hands. It was until I got back home to Brooklyn and began the editing stage that I realized most of my footage was almost unusable. Because of the excessive winds, the sound is horrible, my voice being drowned out a good portion of the time. I apologize for how gross it sounds in so many spots but bear with me. You’ll still be able to enjoy the video. I’m not just saying that because I made it, either. So, watch and subscribe to my YouTube channel, but most importantly, share this video with all of your friends…and mothers.

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