2014 Needed This Like The Deserts Miss The Rain

The other day, I found myself fighting off rage numerous rage blackouts but if you suffer from them as I do, you know that warding them off can be exhausting. The only sustenance I consumed that day was the smallest apple I have ever seen, a cup of coffee and some water. It is safe to say I was teetering on the edge of breaking.

But something happened that fulfilled my soul, my being more than the Chipotle I was craving would ever do. Thanks be to Jesus, I was delivered a tweet that saved my life.

“This new Twin Shadow video is weird,” some music-oriented website tweeted to their followers. I felt a little ping in my heart and I knew it was not because of my actual heart condition. It was because of the three words I have been waiting on for months: new Twin Shadow.

Behold the new Twin Shadow music video for “Turn Me Up.”

Twin Shadow’s new album, Eclipse, will be released on March 17, 2015 and I feel like that day will go down in history as one of the finest.

George Lewis Jr., I love you.

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