100% of the people that know me know that I can be a little bit of a Regina George when I don’t eat or [insert a multitude of reasons] and I really turn into a beast when I try to cook and it fails horribly. Maybe it is so upsetting to me because I grew up in a household with two parents who know their way around a kitchen. Not even the numerous books of recipes I have or my love of the Food Network has been able to help me. I’ve always been somewhat of a picky eater and it definitely works in my adult life considering I can barely boil pasta without making a mess.

Even still, I can’t get enough of discovering yummy dishes that I wouldn’t mind someone making for me and when I came across this video of Maangchi making bulgogi with Julia Moskin of The New York Times. Maangchi, whose real name is Emily Kim, seemed so interesting in this video that I was compelled to look her up on YouTube and I fell into a rabbit hole. The video she did with the Times does not do her personality justice! This woman is a star and I can see why she’s been called the Korean Julia Child.

The dish that really caught my eye and made my mouth water more than it did when I first saw Jai Courtney shirtless in Interview was her cheese buldak or spicy chicken with cheese. It’s got hot pepper flakes and hot pepper paste so it is clear that Maangchi wants to make your next trip to the restroom a special visit.

“We are going to make something spicy stuff.”

I mean, I’m not trying to poke fun but her special take on the English language just brought a pure smile to my face as I watched her whip up this bomb ass dish. I literally found myself watching video after video and subscribing because there is no way I am missing whatever she makes next.

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