It's great that H&M nabbed the musical phenomenon, Lana Del Rey, for their Fall 2012 campaign but the real super stars are the ones the general public might not quite know. Top models Corey Baptiste and Joan Smalls are wrecking shop and that's pretty much all there is to say. Corey with that smooth, chocolate skin and Joan with the crazy ability to intrigue with a toothy smile or a pensive stare. 

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Smart choices on selecting these two models, H&M! I mean seriously. That over the shoulder gaze that Corey is giving? So innappropriate. And there really isn't much to say about Ms. Smalls. Home girl steps in front of a camera and it's like pop-womp-doo-wop…magic. Yes, I typed that out with the voice of Tamar Braxton in mind. Don't judge.

Anyway, who knows when H&M will launch e-commerce here in the US but with faces like these touting their products, I'm glad to physically pop into a store any day. Now, my bank account my disagree with such frequent visits but what can I say? Sometimes I just like to spend money on trendy, affordable clothes‚Äč.

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