“Life is a journey that demands the very best from each of us on any given day.”

– Oprah

Okay…that’s not a real Oprah quote but damn, doesn’t it sound like something Mother Hen would say? Even if it isn’t, it’s something that as of lately I have been saying quite often to myself.

Life is a journey. Give it your all or get off of the fucking planet.

Earlier this year, I left my job at a men’s fashion magazine that I’ve been reading since high school which was both a painful decision and the right choice. But wait! Why would I willingly leave a job that put me face to face with Anna Wintour, Queen of All Things Media, to chat about social media? The crux of my decision was because I thought I’d be embarking on a new journey by relocating from New York City to Chicago! That was reason enough for me but that move never happened and I am incredibly grateful that I stayed put.

As the snow melted away and winter began to fade, I had many conversations with myself. Conversations at the cafe around the corner from my apartment, on the train and, of course, while taking a shower. You see, I was talking with myself about the phenomenal growth, both personal and professional, I’ve experienced and where I saw myself in the upcoming years. This train of thought tugged me down the road towards my website which started out as a dinky Blogger property originally titled The Calvin Show and eventually morphed into That Fashion Dude.

During one of the conversations with myself, I came to the conclusion that my web property was in need of a serious overhaul. I’m not just talking about a fresh coat of paint or a new name. I’m talking about a full Heidi Montag (ie: scrapping a lot of the old and enhancing the rest). Autumn is one of my favorite seasons so it only made sense to get back in this blogging game with a renewed spirit for a Fall launch.

It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to Thursday’s Journal, a website created with the intention for me and other content creators to utilize as a place where our ideas are brought to life.

It’s hard to believe it now but back in the 1940s, magazines like Cosmopolitan put a strong emphasis on fiction. Hello Mr., a magazine that prefers to be referred to as a community, is full of short stories that speak so perfectly to the gay male population. Combining Cosmopolitan’s history and Hello Mr.’s current format inspires me to push the boundaries of what it means to blog by putting my love of fiction in a much larger spotlight than it has ever had before.

There is another extremely exciting addition I want to talk about and that is Thursday’s Highlights, our weekly newsletter full of fashion news, fresh music and other interesting finds. We live in an email culture but that doesn’t mean all email has to be frustrating. To ensure the success of Thursday’s Highlights, I’ll be collaborating with various contributors who have their finger on the pulse of New York City to keep each week’s newsletter full of premium content.

PS: Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop is a total inspiration for this newsletter.

You could laugh because what I’m talking about seems funny and/or idealistic but maintaining a blog launched my career in the fashion and entertainment industry. In New York City. I can only imagine the mind-blowing journey Thursday’s Journal will have in store for me and it’s contributors. So, who’s laughing now?

With all of that being said, welcome to Thursday’s Journal. I hope you enjoy the ride and if you’re a content creator, feel free to get in touch. I’d love to hear from you.

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