Anyone that knows me knows one thing: I love clothing. Once I discovered my generation’s supers such as Gisele, Tyra and Adriana, I began learning more about the fashion industry. My already existing passion for clothes just helped solidify the idea that working in fashion was something I wanted to take a crack at. Years later, I’ve been able to dance around the industry with the help of social media and have slowly witnessed my personal style evolve drastically.

Even to this day, I sometimes feel like I’m in a dangerous spin because I’ll want to wear nothing but wovens tucked into trousers and a lace-up shoe one week and then desire skinny jeans and beat up boots the next. Just this past weekend, I popped into the new H&M on 48th and Fifth Avenue (it’s the only H&M in the city to carry their Home line!) with a friend and we began talking about personal style. “I like the idea of a uniform. Clothes that match to the point where I don’t really have to think when I get dressed,” I remember saying. At the time, I was wearing a navy stripe short with tailored shorts and a white plimsoll shoe. However, I was holding a pair of grey skinny jeans, a monochromatic kimono-esque top and the below black sweatshirt ($29.95)

This sweatshirt has raw edges and a contrasting cross-like graphic that makes it feel like the perfect piece for some guy living in Bushwick who also plays in a shitty band and might dabble with prescription pills he scores from some chick the lead singer knows so that he seems cooler than what he will ever really be. I realized I was that guy (minus everything other than the fact that I briefly lived in Bushwick) and began trying to base an entire look around the sweatshirt. One of the workers walked me around the store dishing out styling ideas.

I did not end up leaving the store with it because I initially thought it didn’t fit into what my personal style is. After a bit of reflection, I realized that I like not having an exact formula to my personal style. I like embodying different characters with the assistance of my clothing. I like switching it up from time to time and that raw edged sweatshirt fits in just fine. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a bit of shopping to do.

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