One thing I know that we can all agree on is that 2016 has been one fucking epic rollercoaster of a year. It’s like we all came to see that we were standing on a thin layer of ice and could crash through at any moment. With the American government turning into a legit reality TV show that would probably be canceled mid-season to the deaths of so many legends, it ain’t been easy. With each passing day, people were posting in all-caps “FUCK OFF 2016!” People were/are rightfully upset about the election results (can you believe that Hillary had more than 2.9 MILLION cast their votes for her than the “winner“?!) but that is no reason to try and read 2016 for filth. It just isn’t.

There was some guy that told me to “keep my head up” after the election as if my life were over. My 2016 was incredible and there is not one thing that could make me change my mind about that. I launched a YouTube channel for Thursday’s Journal, traveled to London and Paris for my 30th birthday and accepted an exciting new position at an iconic American fashion brand. I learned a great deal about friendships and how to be kinder to myself in moments of frustration and doubt. What I’m probably most thrilled with is that I’ve begun to have serious conversations with myself and am making adult decisions that will better my life. Yup, it took me until 30 to truly begin listening and understanding.

Despite the fact that Trump is sashaying into the White House (more on how I feel about that HERE), I will forever be able to cast a positive light on 2016. Why? I understand that no matter how much negativity there is in the world, how much hate people spew, it will never come close to extinguishing the hope I have inside for my future. It will always fail at diminishing the positivity I choose to put out into the world. Trump is literally going to bring the world to an end but with the time we’ve got left on this earth, I’m going to do what I can to help both myself and the many others who are feeling a bit beaten down.

Now, if you’re reading this, you should be painfully aware of the fact that you and I have only ever lived in a hostile world. In the great United States of America, minorities of every kind have consistently been shat on by the government and public at large. Remember how Black people were still being lynched in the 1960s? Yeah. America has never been some utopia where we all lovingly walked the streets with intertwined hands. This is a reality. It’s also a reality that people get more fired up about the death of a celebrity than the continued deterioration of our country. It’s a pathetic reality but, again, a reality it shall be considered.

2016 was full of shit and as long as we are alive, our years are going to be overflowing with crap but don’t say “fuck you” because of it. You’re expressing your emotions, sure, but can’t you think of a better way to do so? Add something to the conversation even if it’s just between you and your best friend. Be proactive versus reactive. Focus on trying to change things rather than wallowing. Pick yourself up and realize how lucky you are in so many ways. Do us all a favor and acknowledge the positive in your life.

Seriously. Stop saying “fuck you, 2016.” You sound like an idiot.

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