4 Father’s Day Watches To Get Now


Raise your hand if you’ve ever heard your dad say “I don’t want anything. Just get me underwear.” around the holidays and/or Father’s Day? If not, consider yourself lucky that your old man is open to the idea of receiving a gift. Extra kudos to him if he actually shares what he might want!

For me, I have never really had much luck in the gift-giving department with my Pa but as I have gotten older, I have been able to nitpick him in my own way where I am getting more comfortable with what I think I could add into his daily life to make it more well-rounded. It hasn’t always been easy and a lot of what I am driven to get him falls into the trickiest category: apparel. In recent years, I’ve expanded to include accessories.

The only thing my dad has ever actually asked for was a watch. The man likes watches. There have been a handful of times where he’s mentioned wanting a new watch and I have done my best to try and toss a timepiece in the mix as often as I can to keep things fresh for him. I did give him a watch this past Christmas but I thought another might be of interest so I’ve listed out four relatively affordable options that can work in four different scenarios for just about any aging OG.

casio watches

This Casio G-Shock ($99) has a retro square design and remind me a bit of a toolbox. All of my life, I’ve always been slightly envious of my dad’s abilities as a handyman. Put a screwdriver in my hand and I immediately desire a Xanax to calm me down.

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