Fashion Friday | In Theory, This Works

It’s still pretty hot outside and by hot I mean a tiny bit brutal. Each day that I step outside, I take one deep breath in, which is actually awesome, and then I mentally curse out Mother Nature as I walk the few blocks from my apartment building to the train. Once I descend the train station stairs and board the train, I try to forget about the weather outside but then I get reminded that I’m trying to shield myself from the cold because I start to sweat underneath my layers. The instant my train arrives at its destination and I breeze through the open double doors of the car I’ve ridden in, it always feels like “a moment” that should be photographed by Steven Meisel. I have felt this way ever since I saw the editorial he shot with top model Raquel Zimmerman for Vogue Italia November 2011.

Longest story short, this Theory Wellardon Palatine Melange top coat ($845) is one of those coats I would like to wear as I have my moment. It’s got a notch lapel which turns up its classy factor but I can very well envision this coat being paired with a totally casual ensemble without looking one ounce out of place. Casual and classy? It’s a fine line that many have tried to balance but fail. Yes, I’m referring every single Kardashian even if they’ve undergone an unfortunate Kanye makeover.

Calvin Walker Theory coat men's fashion bloggerIn conclusion, Theory gets it right. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to construct a list of affluent suitors who I shall then reach out to and convince one of them to purchase this topcoat for me. Ta.

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