Yes, That Fashion Dude is all about trying to find great pieces for even better prices. Sometimes, though, there is an item that might fall outside of those parameters but I like it enough to at least talk about it, ya know? One brand that I feel always produces pieces that are tight enough to blog about while still actually being somewhat accessible is I Love Ugly. 

For this Fashion Friday, we’re taking a look-see at I Love Ugly’s Cloud long sleeve shirt ($119 NZD). You might look at this shirt and say “Why, Calvin, this shirt is quite boring” but you would be dead wrong. You’d be so wrong that I might find you via your IP address, knock on your front door and female dog slap you the moment you open up. With the block panel of chambray and plain white, this shirt takes a tiny detail and transforms into a situation all on its own that deserves this blog post and many others.

Can someone tell me why I’m going so hard for such a simple woven? Because basic pieces that have been remixed are the shit. Add some wrist candy (this month’s The Crave List has six must-haves) and you’re ready to stand out in a subtle way that will catch more positive attention if you burst through the door in something uber trendy. I Love Ugly might be primed as one of the hottest label for hipsters, but it’s also easily one of the best labels to turn to even if you’re just looking for some easy additions for your days in the work place.

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