Fashion Friday | Hit It From the Calf

Giuseppe Zanotti, what have you done for me lately? I’ll tell you what: you have delivered a black calf-skin leather bootie with a 2.5 inch heel with a gold plating ($1,350). I repeat: a black calf-skin leather bootie with a 2.5 inch heel with a gold plating. What the hell? That is some type of wonderful if I have ever seen it. If you were to pull the curtain back and peep into my shoe collection, there would not be a pair of boots with such a flashy heel. It isn’t an average heel height for me but good golly Molly am I willing to give it a spin.

mens-shoes-shopping-Giuseppe-Zanotti-calvin-walkerWith my sartorial eye, I envision breezing through my front door in these boots paired with a pair of Balmain biker jeans, a simple silk Burberry sweater and this baller green Massimo Alba wool overcoat. It’s not really who I am but what I love about clothing is that it allows you to play dress up and to take on so many different characters on any given day. These boots are most definitely part of a character…but he seems kinda cool doesn’t he?

I wonder if whoever that guy is likes San Fermin?

Calvin is a Brooklyn-based content strategist currently working on a manuscript. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram (@mrcalvinwalker).

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