Fashion Friday | What Is a Chesterfield?

You want to know what a chesterfield is? So did I! According to Merriam-Webster, it is a single-breasted or double-breasted semifitted overcoat with a velvet collar. My good friends (in my head) over at Burberry have given the consumer market something much sexier. They’ve designed a cashmere showerproof tailored chesterfield with innovative fabric that is water-repellent. If that doesn’t make your eyes light up with glee, there is more. Burberry’s chesterfield has pick-stitching which is difficult to accomplish…but it’s Burberry. With the pull this brand has now, they’ve got the best on their team which eliminates just about every task from being considered as “difficult.”

Calvin Walker Mens Fashion BlogIt might be Friday the 13th and I’ve seen a ton of freaky shit in the fashion industry but there’s nothing spooky about this. It’s just some well crafted beauty in the form of an outerwear piece.

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