Oh, my Gossip Girl! Last night’s series finale of Gossip Girl delivered on every aspect and was truly the perfect way to end the series. Not only did Chuck and Blair get married (and have a baby), but so did Dan and Serena! Perhaps the biggest shock was when Gossip Girl was finally revealed after six seasons to be none other than Lonely Boy himself. I never suspected Dan Humphrey to be the head bitch in charge on the Upper East Side but I have to say it all felt right once he explained it. Some might have asked if revealing the identity of this super blogger would make or break the show and it definitely made the show. Take a look at the last minutes of the series!

Over the span of six seasons, viewers came to know and love these arrogant, manipulative, sadistic, narcissistic, drug-riddled, over-sexualized young adults. For the series to end with the biggest outsider actually having the most control over the entire group of people who shunned him was a brilliant twist. Many times when a series gets the proper chance to wrap things up, I get slightly annoyed at how they resolve things or don’t for that matter. However, Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage did a bang up job of bringing closure to the most stylish characters New York City had seen since Sex and the City.

No, the show didn’t really touch on any true social issues but that is absolutely fine. It was a primetime soap opera full of sex and fashion. Who cares about real world problems when you’ve got Serena strutting through the city in Herve Leger? Of course, there can always be another juggernaut show for teenagers (and us adults who also get sucked in) but there won’t be another series similar to GG for quite some time. Sorry, The Carrie Diaries.

Being a fanboy from Day One, I have to admit that I have quite a few fond memories of this show. Right around the time Season One concluded, I whisked off to New York City for an internship in the PR showroom for the BCBG Max Azria Group. While in that internship, numerous requests would come in for Gossip Girl and I would lose my shit every time. I even got to assist one of the Account Executives on pulling looks for an episode they were filming for Season 2. Gosh, if only I could remember what episode that was for! Oh, who am I kidding? It was used in Episode 4 titled “The Ex-Files” and you can see the dress in action HERE.

Then there was that one time that I bumped into Blake Lively pre-Ryan Reynolds and we chatted about the dress. Yeah, no. That never happened…except in my mind. Long story short, this was a show that excited and infuriated me for half a decade and now that it’s over, all I can say is farewell, Gossip Girl. You’ll be one missed slut.

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