I envy the man who has been able to craft a sartorial uniform. After all, he is the one who is able to wake up in the morning, go to his closet and blindly select pieces that would would probably look exceptional once put together. That is both the beauty and hideousness of a wardrobe: lack of variation. Sure, I covet the idea of not having to think about what I wear in the morning but I love clothing so I’d rather throw a grenade at the thought of a systematic way of dressing.

With September being the January of fashion (thanks again to Candy Pratts Price for that genius quote), there is no better time to set aside your rules in order to try a few things that you normally wouldn’t have before. Fashion favors the bold and you, good sir, are nothing short of fearless. If you air on the side of safe or timid, keep on reading because this post is still for you. The great thing with menswear, especially with this year’s Fall fashion, is the ability to tackle a big trend in a subtle way and still be incredibly on trend.


One trend that is sweeping through the industry belongs to something tried and true: checks. Plaid and gingham have reigned supreme for years now but now it is seriously time for a different pattern to get a bit crispy from the spotlight’s attention. From houndstooth to window pane and prince of wales, the check is ready to get all “I woke up like dis” so that consumers feel comfortable and confident strolling the streets in something other than lumberjack attire. I had a pair of checked suit pants from Express years ago and they looked pretty dope but I saw that checks were heading out so I sent mine down the river as well. Who knows if I would still be able to even fit them if I had kept them but aren’t styles coming back into the forefront one of the best reasons to go shopping?


  1. ASOS Shirt In Long Sleeve With Brushed Large Check ($41.89)
  2. H&M Check Suit Pants ($59.95)
  3. River Island Brown Check Blazer ($180)


When a man in a well fitted suit walks through the doors, all eyes are on every inch of him. He doesn’t have to utter a word because his clothes do it for him. They allow him to have an unspoken confidence that speaks volumes more than him rambling on like so many of us tend to do. Since this season is all about being pleasantly disruptive, I want to break up the traditional tailored look to show true style spirit. If you have a nice suit, that’s great. Take you favorite polo into this season by layering underneath the suit jacket and put on a slim pair of denim. Ditch the jacket and slip your arms into the body of a chunky cardigan, swap out the jeans for your suit pants and put on a polished shoe. These are super simple wardrobe combinations that many of us do already but I think there is still a good portion, myself included, that always looked at the suit as something a bit more sacred. #WhateverMovingOn!

  1. H&M Cable-Knit Sweater ($39.95)
  2. Zara Slim Jean ($49.90)
  3. River Island Brown Fair Isle Yoke Chunky Knit Cardigan ($40)


The majority of my wardrobe consists of jeans but I have been rethinking this for some time. After grabbing a few drinks with some friends this past weekend, we realized that Harry never wears jeans! When we asked him why, he just shrugged it off and replied “I think trousers fit my body better.” Now, here is a heterosexual man who can be a bit of a bro at times but he just so nonchalantly tossed out how he believes trousers gives him a better silhouette. That was the turning point for me. Even if just running errands, trousers have the capabilities of packing a mean punch. You can style them just like you would with your denim so there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. However, the ending result runs the risk of completely elevating your overall appearance which is the perfect upgrade for the season.

  1. Bonobos Milanese Cords ($148)
  2. Scotch & Soda Shiny Twill Chinos ($119)
  3. Express Stretch Cotton Photographer Dress Pant ($69.90)


People think that long coats and jackets are solely devised for the tall and svelte. Being just shy of 5′ 8″ and a fan of long coats and jackets, I am here to tell you that this is an old way of thinking that you must immediately reject. Reject it quicker than the public has refused to believe that Kimye was actually a union of love. Over the Spring/Summer season, I wore this camel car coat from H&M that I just thought was the bee’s knees. I never made the connection but a handful of people would stop me and gasp “How Olivia Pope!” as if I had raided Kerry Washington’s set wardrobe. No matter. I took it as a compliment and you should take my advice: try a long outerwear piece. I’m big on how a piece of clothing looks on me especially in photographs and every time I was snapped in my car coat, it made me look slimmer and possibly taller than what I am. For all of us shorties out there, who doesn’t like creating that illusion?

  1. Zara Wool Coat ($259)
  2. River Island Asymmetric Zip Smart Coat ($190)
  3. H&M Wool-Blend Coat ($149)

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