I can’t remember exactly how it happened but I stumbled across Skillshare and immediately became addicted to their courses. From email marketing to web design, they have a strong range of engaging, well-produced content.

One course area I have been digging into is photography. Despite the fact that my introduction to New York City was through working at an incredibly popular fashion photography studio, I never truly learned how to work a camera. Since leaving the studio, I have produced a handful of photo shoots for Thursday’s Journal but always kept the camera mode set to Creative Auto. Skillshare’s photography classes have begun to teach me about the power of my DSLR (a Canon 80D, no less) and I’m excited to learn, test and grow.

A few months back, I headed into Manhattan to have lunch with a dangerously handsome man (who I still talk to but, unfortunately, our personalities are just not compatible) at one of my favorite ramen restaurants, Rai Rai Ken. I brought along my Canon 80D with a 50mm lens in hopes of capturing a few photos of the city. When I got off the train, a text came through from Dangerously Handsome saying he was running late. My initial reaction was “I was late leaving my apartment and still got here with time to kill yet you live in Manhattan and should’ve easily been here by now you sonofabitch” but then I realized I had the opportunity to put my camera in Manual mode and start testing.

For about thirty minutes, I tinkered with the aperture, ISO, and so forth. The one time I quickly switched back to Creative Auto? When I noticed Lynn Yaeger coming up the street.

Lynn fucking Yaeger.

It was a “come full circle” moment if you could call it that. How? Well, during my time at the fashion photography studio, my boss told me that we should cover NYFW for our blog. I agreed but then he put a Canon 7D in my hands, passed me a 24-70mm lens, and told me to go shoot. I was petrified that I would ruin every shot and be seen as the ultimate failure. With my heart beating faster than the law should allow, I walked into the Tribune Standard presentation. Within seconds, I spotted Lynn and knew that if I didn’t get this shot, I should just pack it up and go home. And guess what? I got the fucking shot with the designer and the brand logo in the background.

I still don’t have the confidence of a true street photographer so I didn’t dash in front of her to snap a photo. Since she was coming up from behind me, I poised myself into position and prayed I’d at least get a solid profile shot of her. I didn’t…but there’s absolutely no denying from the images I was able to capture that this is the living legend that is Lynn Yaeger.

It’s been far too long since I’ve used my camera and since I do get great pleasure when it’s in my hands, I know I should use it more. Whatever. Don’t judge me. I’m gonna go watch a few episodes of some banal show on Hulu first.

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