I am not a model (I’ll wait while you compose yourselves after this revelation) but my face is just as much my calling card as it is for Sung Jin or Binx Walton. When someone mentions a name to me, I almost immediately try to place it with a face and I have a sneaking suspicion that many others do this as well. That is just one of the reasons why it is prime time for all guys to take a look in the mirror and take care of what we’re looking at.

While I thought I would no longer have to deal with breakouts once I “became an adult,” that has not been the case. My skin, which seems to be quite sensitive and reactive, loves treating me to breakouts from time to time. Over the last six months or so, I have noticed that I tend to experience a break out if I go for about a week or so without shaving. It seems that if I shave at least once a week, my skin actually stays fairly clear.

With this knowledge in mind, I’ve been doing my best to stay clean shaven but as any dude who shaves know, having a stock of fresh razors can get fucking expensive. That is why I have finally decided to take the plunge and test out the Dollar Shave Club.

Have you not heard of the Dollar Shave Club? They’re that brand that made a really ridiculous viral video a few years ago that involved their warehouse, making it rain and some unfortunate soul trapped in a bear suit. In addition to being entertaining, the brand is also seeing some pretty awesome traffic to their site. In August, they had approximately 944K unique visitors. Clearly, I can’t be sure as to how much conversion they’re getting but with such delicious prices, I can only imagine that they’re doing alright.

So, what is the Dollar Shave Club? It’s a monthly service that delivers 4 to 5 blade cartridges straight to your front door. Depending on the razor you get, you’ll be paying somewhere between $1 to $9 each month for your supply. At the moment, I chose the “Executive” razor but am starting to think “The Lover’s Blade” might be in the sweet spot for me. The latter razor has four blades which is what I normally use and it goes for $6/month. If you factor in shipping and handling, it’ll probably be around the same price as if I went to Duane Reade but the convenience of having it delivered makes it worth it.

Click over to Dollar Shave Club to check them out for yourselves, dudes. There’s a very good chance you won’t be disappointed.

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