Pull Out Those Ripped Jeans!

How much am I that boy? The boy who wiggles into a pair of skinny jeans that have been distressed by machines in some foreign land? The boy that zips up a pair of jeans that have been bleached to perfection? How much am I that boy? I’m not sure because the boy I’m imagining is the slim and trim assistant I used to see running around the halls of one of New York’s largest fashion photography studios. In a nutshell, this boy is way cooler than I am and probably ever will be.

The first time I ever desired distressed denim was years ago so I naturally searched high and low for the cheapest pair that I could find. No need in spending a fortune on something I might potentially hate, right? I was successful in my search and that pair of denim wound up being from Forever 21’s men’s collection with shredded knees and distressed patches along the thigh. It took me six months before I wore them in public. I just couldn’t imagine myself wearing such a thing. After a handful of wears, that pair of jeans went into my closet and have yet to resurface.

The itch came back in the dead of winter this year. So, I took an old pair of skinnies from H&M and sliced the knees just once. Yes, I did my very first fashion DIY project and I’m wearing them as I type up this blog post. Let’s go back in time though because I wore these custom jeans the evening they were created. I was grabbing a few drinks with a friend and I’ll tell you now that I asked the bartender to make me anything that would put the heat in my bones because I. Was. COLD. But not anymore! The frost has begun to retreat quicker than a man’s ball-sack in a cold body of water and these jeans have been dancing around my room waiting to be called out.

The great thing about ripped and shredded jeans these days is that you don’t automatically lose all of your polish and put-togetherness. From white denim that’s always powerfully understated to black skinnies that will make you feel like the next coming of Pete Doherty, there are options that fit for numerous occasions and locations. Here are a few pairs of distressed jeans that I’m currently craving because, well, I realize I am that boy. At least on the weekends.


Ralph Lauren Slim Shredded Traverse Jean ($125)

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